Rollin Tiles

A new thrilling match-3 game with domino tiles

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Roll the Tiles and let it Rock!

Designed to tease your senses for things new with fresh look and smooth play we are pleased to announce the Rollin’ Tiles – an exciting brand new match-3 game you surely have not seen before!

This new age puzzler brings you

  • reinvented match-3 mechanics in a smooth gameplay with beautiful and neat graphics
  • levitating tiles in an octagonal rounded formation
  • fun and easy-to-learn swap controls
  • 6 game modes
  • 69 Levels and growing
  • Earn coins and unlock all customization items for free


Swap tiles until they match by their color. Beware of time and the swap count while you do so.

Switch between tile sets, collect stars, earn coins and compete with your friends.




  • tap on any puzzle tile to swap the adjacent tiles, or
  • move your finger over the tile to swap it with the opposite one.

TILT DEVICE::: left or right to rotate tiles in a preferred orientation for matching.

Press HINT for best swap suggestion or hold PUZZLE button to temporarily reveal matched tiles.




  • Reach target Points and collect Tiles
  • Earn 1, 2 or 3 Stars for Level completion or Beat your best
  • Change the gameboard look from 24 different tiles sets and growing…
  • 6 exciting game modes including Hidden dominoes, Cover tiles, TILT gameboard, Black Domino game and Memory game
  • 4 Boosters including jack Slot Sessions to triple your Coins
  • Earn Coins and unlock ALL customization items, Thrilling “domino world” with gates
  • Great 3D animations
  • Extra Life each 10 minutes
  • TILT your phone left or right to get better overview of tiles position
  • Backward the fault move
  • Use handy Hint and Solution for Help


New tile sets

New Levels

Stay tuned! Roll the gameboard and enjoy the adventure!

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